Mendocino Arrives in Boise ID for scaling conference


Boise Id – 2021 –

The Boise State Football team opened up their facilities and owners boxes for one of the most impressive host of speakers and entrepeneurial settings. Overlocking the blue turf of the Boise State Broncos, high performing business owners, board members, investors, and the Attorney General of the State of Utah presented methods of optimizations, pitches, personal stories, and more.

The Crew

Founder of Priceline, three active NFL players, and an amazing snake whisperer. Just some of the fun at the conference.

Finding the right investor match

Events like these are part of the reason why Mendocino Management has access and a network that can become accessible to you and your business. Do you need investment? Do you need procseses or partners? Do you know you need something but don’t know what it is?

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