Current Business Related Legislation Pending Signature in California

Mendocino Management Supports the Expansion of Paid Sick Days in California in SB 616. The bill to increase paid sick days from 3 to 5 annually in California is a progressive step towards ensuring worker welfare and public health. Contrary to the claim of it being a “job killer,” such a policy can instead enhance […]

Typcial Cost of Customer Acquistion by Sector

Average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) By Industry: B2B EditionBy Evan Bailyn; Edited by C. Warren Posted December 30th, 2022  When people ask me how to evaluate the ROI of their marketing campaigns, I tell them to start with their customer acquisition cost (CAC). That metric, along with Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) are your […]

Sublet office/warehouse avail in sacramento

A great opportunity is available to sublet two separate office/warehouse blends in Sacramento. Many times a challenge to launching a small business can be the struggle to get a lease from a commercial landlord. Finding a sublet or a lease take over is one way to asymetrically gain control of an effective work environment. These […]

Mendocino Arrives in Boise ID for scaling conference

Introduction Boise Id – 2021 – The Boise State Football team opened up their facilities and owners boxes for one of the most impressive host of speakers and entrepeneurial settings. Overlocking the blue turf of the Boise State Broncos, high performing business owners, board members, investors, and the Attorney General of the State of Utah […]

Don’t look now, but STRIPE, SQUARE could be hurting your fcf

Introduction Stripe, Square, and many other enterprise level firms in the payment processing space offer convenience, reporting, anti-fraud tools, and simple to read, one page billing statements. This makes small and medium sized business owners feel safe, confident, and “understanding” of what they are paying and for what service. But the payment process space does […]

Google my business vs. SEARCH

The Ecosystem Launching a business? Already have one but looking to start advertising? Welcome to the Google Ecosystem. It can be a bit confusing here between Merchant Accounts, Shopping Campaigns, Display Retargeting, Search PPC, and GMB/Maps. But don’t worry, we are here to help you get a grip on the ecosystem. Here is our first […]