Powerful Advising 

for Business, Non-Profit, and Government

Powerful Advising for Business, Non-Profits, and Government

Making an Impact

Mendocino Management is an elite small business consultancy that can help your business launch and scale. With thousands of business positively impacted by our partners and associates, Mendocino Management has consolidated in one place a field of experts that can help with stage of a small business’s life cycle. Mendocino partners and associates are distributed across the country and we are ready to help you and your team accelerate growth. 

Leaders In Their Field

Chris Warren, MsBA, MBA, PMP

Chris has a Masters of Science in Business Analytics from Unviersity of Nevada Reno, a Masters of Business Administration in Leadership from Adams State University, and is a certified Project Management Professional with over 300 credit hours of collegiate coursework completed(two further Bachelors Degrees, and Three Associates Degrees).

Having been a founder before of a $10m/year in revenue firm, Chris understands the joy and challneges of launching and running a business. Currently contracted on a startup to assisting with scale, Chris enjoys building and optimizing organizations and teams while having a heavy technical apptitude in data architecture, data analytics, market anlaytics, and deploying data-informed decision maing.

Chris is a team lead on the strategic advisement team, managing partner of the turnaround team, and specialist in business process optimization, business anlaytics, data-driven change management.

Jamie Cuadra, MBA

Jamie has multiple degrees and international business experience. His focus in graduate studies is accounting, and this former certified public accountant is our subject matter expert in helping small business setup, optimize, and execute financial governance and reporting. He also oversees the bookkeeping and payroll services.

From multiple perspectives Jamie has advised companies on how to effeciently run accounting and finance operations, been responsible for tax advisement, investment advisement, and operational system build outs. 

Jamie is a team lead on the strategic advisement team, lead skin-in CFO advisor,  and a partner on the turnaround team.

Kenneth Henderson. A board member on the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, Ken runs web development agency Sublime Digital. With over two decades of web development and digital marketing ad purchasing, Ken and his team run online presence development and ad purchasing for PPC, SEM, and Display channels. Ken is a member of the marketing advisement team. 

Emmanuel Rutazihana Emmanuel graduated from CSUS Sacramento and in the past decade has been a part of major social media scaling projects on IG, YT, and FB. With a degree focused on video production and editing, Emmanuel is or subject matter expert in all things Social Media, Digital Asset Creation, Video Production and Editing. Emmanuel is a team lead on the marketing advisement team, and the director of Amazon marketplace advisement.

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